How To Temporarily Cover A Broken Car Window

Posted on: 2 June 2019

A car window can break for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it broke in a vehicle accident, or maybe someone threw a baseball that cracked the window, or you have to break the window to gain access to the car. If you have a broken car window, you are going to want to cover up the opening until you can get the window fixed.

Necessary Supplies

First, you need to get the necessary supplies together. You need a pair of really thick work gloves, as you will be working around broken glass, so you don't get hurt. You need a full roll of masking tape, some microfiber cloth, as well as some thick plastic that is transparent. You are also going to want to have a shop vac and a trash bag or bin ready as well.

Getting Ready

Second, you need to make sure you get ready to do the job. Wear thick gloves in order to deal with the glass shards. Wear long sleeves so you don't cut your arms at all while working.

Carefully Remove the Glass

Pick up the put the large pieces of glass into the container that have already fell out and into your car or onto the ground. Then, using your gloved hand, gently pull at the glass that is still attached to the car. You want to remove all the large pieces of glass that are still attached to the window.

Once you have collected all the large glass pieces, turn on your shop vac and use it to vacuum up the glass that has fallen around the window frame, into the area where the seal is located. Vacuum the seat and the door as well if the glass fell inward at all.

Clean the Window Area

After that, you are going to want clean around the window area. Take one of the microfiber clothes, get it a little damp, and use it to wipe down the window seal and the door. You want this area to be as clean as possible for the plastic covering you will put over the window.

Cover up the Window

Now it is time to cover up the window. Starting inside the car, take the plastic and put it up against the frame of the window. Use small pieces of masking tape to position the plastic where you want it to be located. Once you have the plastic where you want it to be, cut some really long pieces of tape, and put the tape around each side of the window. You are going to want to double up the layers of tape, and make sure the plastic is pulled as tight as possible. You need to pull the plastic tight to keep it from flapping around.

You may want to add another layer of plastic on the outside, repeating the same process again, using a few small pieces of tape to position the plastic, then pulling the plastic tight and putting at least two layers of tape around the plastic.

This will help keep the elements out of your vehicle until you are able to take it into your local auto glass replacement shop.