A Few Tips For Mobile Windshield Repair

Posted on: 23 May 2017

Having your windshield chipped or cracked in any way can be a very dangerous situation for multiple reasons. If your windshield is structurally compromised with a chip or a crack and you are in a wreck, you could be in much worse than if it was in good shape. Also the chip or the crack can be in your line of vision making it much more difficult to see. Each of these reasons is enough to get your windshield changes as soon as possible. However, most people do not take their windshield issues seriously or they say they do not have time to get their windshield replaced. The good news is that you do not have to take your car to the shop to get it fixed anymore. The windshield technicians can come right to you. Here are a few different aspects of mobile windshield repair.

The Sooner The Better

You are going to want to act as soon as possible. You do not want to get a crack and wait to get the crack or the chip fixed. If the crack or the chip are small enough to be sealed, you want to seal it within a few days. The reason that you want to act so fast is that the windshield has a better chance of being completely repaired this way. If you wait, you will likely have debris and other small dust particles get down in the chip or crack and make it impossible for the sealant to properly fix all the micro-fractures in your windshield.

Replacement Or Repair

Some people think that since the technicians are mobile that they can only repair the windshield. While they most definitely can repair the windshield, they can also replace the entire windshield. They have the technology on that van to replace and set the new windshield. So, they are a full service that can handle anything that you need in regards to your windshield. 


It can be nerve racking to have a technician meet you at your home or at work. You do not want to be scammed, so the best thing that you can do is have the company email you the profile of the technician that you will be meeting. They will send you their profile with all of their credentials so you know who you are looking for the next day. This will let you know that you are being taken care of, but also let your mind be at ease.